We are offering a consultancy services for everyone interested in going for Security Token Offering (STO). Please take care and find best package for your needs. Bellow you will find three basic rules of our cooperation.

From Day Zero

Our team of highly motivated professionals is ready to take care of your Security Token Offering from the day zero. We are offering different levels of consulting services that are tailored for different class of customers and their needs.

Our Fees

While we sometimes are charging entry free we always are taking 5% of emitted tokens and 3% success fee. Our entry fee vary from zero to 35 000 PLN depending on the level of help your project needs.

Apply for Free

If your project is at the early stage or you do not have capital to buy our services you can always apply for the Free Pass that have zero entry free.


Free Pass

Apply if you do not have bugdget for STO.


6 975 EUR+VAT

Silver Pack

Pick-up if you want be sure we will take care of your project.


12 300 EUR+VAT

Gold Pack

In this package we will do all STO work for you.

STO Consultations

Consultations through whole process of STO emission.


Professional prospectus that will serve as the key to success in STO.

Pitch Deck

Presentation of the company and the product/service.

Video Pitch

Professional video presenting the project.

Web Site

Internet web site for the Security Token Offering.


Launch of pre-STO to gather funds for the main campaign.


Performing Security Token Offering.


Introducing the project to the crypto-exchange (post-STO).