Icole is the first STO oriented agency on the Polish market. Established by the group of crypto-enthusiasts and experienced entrepreneurs in the year 2018 in Warsaw.

What we do?

We are helping a variety of Startups to effectively raise capital through Security Token Offering. Besides consulting services we are also working on a complete STO emission platform.

SEED Round

Agency ICOLE is raising a seed round of 100 000 Euro to finish building of their STO platform. In exchange, in this round, we are offering up to 6% of equity.

In this fundraising round, we will complete our STO platform core functionality including community building and emissions.

According to our draft plan, the platform shall be ready for first STO's emissions in January 2020.

With a turnover of 10 million Euro per year, we are guaranteeing you a return from investment in just three years.

Get our investment offer and Pitch Deck and other presentations . In case of questions we are inviting you to contact us.

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The Book

One of our core tasks is the education of entrepreneurs. Because of that our CEO, Artur Radosz is preparing a book entitled "STO - Blockchained Financial Revolution".

The book will teach you about basic differences between Initial Coin Offer (ICO), Initial Public Offering (IPO) and Security Token Offering (STO).

After reading it will get insights and could decide if you want to make a public or private offering.

It will update you also on the state of legislation in the U.S., European Union and in Poland.

If you speak Polish you can download a preview of this book.


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